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The Brand-New Renault Espace: It Has The Same DNA But A New Generation

Renault has introduced the All-new Espace, a revolutionary people carrier with seats for either 5 or 7 that will be the brand's flagship in the C and D sectors.

The Espace sparked a movement, heralded a new era, and continues to adapt to new circumstances. The Esprit Alpine package upgrades the already sporty and sophisticated look of the new Espace to give it more of a racing character. It is still the largest model in the Renault lineup, with seating for up to seven passengers, and it stays true to its roots as a long-distance people carrier. Then it comes into its own! In addition to having one of the biggest sunroofs on the market at over 1 square meter in size, the inside is also very well-lit and luxurious owing to the use of high-end materials and fittings.

Driving enjoyment is amplified by Renault's four-wheel-steering system, 4CONTROL Advanced, and MULTI-SENSE. It is comprised of the Alliance's custom-built CMF-CD platform and features a total of 32 different forms of driver aid.

In the cabin and behind the hood, the all-new Espace has cutting-edge technology, making it a pleasure to drive and ride. The driver and passengers may stay connected, and the vehicle's carbon impact will be minimal. It has a more compact body and is 215 kg lighter than its forerunner, and its ultra-efficient 200-horsepower E-Tech hybrid engine makes it ideal for urban driving. Its battery never needs charging, and its very low fuel consumption (4.6 litres per 100 km) allows it a range of up to 1,100 kilometres.

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The Espace Continues To Set The Bar

For 40 years, Renault's Espace has set the standard for luxury in the segment, thanks to its plush seating, large cabin, high-tech features, adaptable design, and plenty of natural light. The All-new Espace, the newest edition, is no different. All the classic touches are still there, and the standard of living on board is over the roof. The All-new Espace extends an invitation to high-end travel, wellness, and driving enjoyment with its spacious cabin, extensive variety of technology, and a panoramic sunroof.

The All-new Espace's ability to comfortably transport up to seven passengers over long distances is a major selling point.

Built on the Alliance's CMF-CD modular chassis, it features the extended-length variants of the vehicle's centre and rear sections for maximum interior efficiency. It is shorter than its predecessor by 14 centimetres, measuring 4.72 meters in length, while the passenger compartment is even longer, measuring 2.48 meters to the third row.

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Thanks to this incredible achievement, those in the second row will have a knee radius of up to 321 mm, which is fantastic news. The seats may be reclined up to 31 degrees, making them the most comfortable in the industry. The armrest in the car's centre has two cup holders for passengers to utilize if the middle seat is unoccupied.

Passengers in the third row (included at no extra cost with orders) also benefit from generous legroom (129 mm), and Easy Access features that allow the second-row seats to be pushed forward by 260 mm and tilted forward by 30 degrees. Standard amenities include:

  • Seatbelt pre-tensioners.
  • Touch-switch ceiling lighting.
  • USB Type-C charging stations.
  • The Harman Kardon sound system.

Espacers' lives have always been unique. The latest model has several upgrades that provide a luxurious lounge for passengers.

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The region is bathed in light from the optional sunroof. Its crossbeam-free design means more than 1 square meter (1.33 m in length by 0.84 m in width) of usable sunlight. The inside surface of the glass is coated with a low-emissivity coating, a highly technological feature. This material reflects heat away from the cabin and blocks the sun's ultraviolet and infrared rays. Also, a blackout curtain is unnecessary for this purpose.

The latest iteration of the Espace offers even more plush seating than the previous one. The Iconic package adds ergonomic cushions that match the upholstery fabric and slide into the back of the second-row headrests. This feature is standard on all trim levels.

The All-New Espace maintains the best-in-class quality and position established by earlier versions. The passenger interior looks great, the finishing touches are of the highest calibre, and the equipment selection is extensive. Techno's base trim has a blind spot warning system, a safety pack, a 24-inch OpenR screen, a motorized tailgate, a wireless phone charger, 19-inch wheels, and Isofix systems on the left and right seats in the second row.

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The Esprit Alpine trim, unique to the Espace, gives the interior an athletic air. The A-and-Arrow insignia appears on the headrests, the dashboard's Alcantara has blue over stitching, and the Alcantara on the seats perfectly complements the synthetic leather and Latis Bright fabric.

Genuine ash wood on the dashboard and light Sand Gray cushioned leather paired with Mokka Brown decking elevates the cabin with the Iconic trim. The seats may be electrically adjusted for forward, backward, up, and incline and both the steering wheel and seats are heated. Additionally, the driver's seat incorporates a lumbar massager.

The All-New Espace now has the first-ever second-row bench that moves 220 mm forward and backward and is separated into two independent parts (to a 2/3 - 1/3 ratio), making the most of the interior space and keeping everyone comfortable. The 5-seater version's boot will accommodate 777 litres (VDA) when fully forward and have the most knee room on the market for the passengers (up to 321 mm) when fully back.

Another clever modular design is the third row of seats, which can be folded into the floor to maximize cargo capacity or flipped out at any moment to accommodate seven people. The All-New Espace is very adaptable because of the wide variety of internal layout options and the ability to change capacity immediately.

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Renaulution Of The Espace

The Renault Espace has always kept pace with modern technology. Renaulutional influences heavily influenced the metamorphosis of this new generation. The All-New Espace is a status symbol SUV with sporty aesthetics and a high-tech, linked interior. Its E-Tech full hybrid engine makes it more efficient than ever, and the technology and driver support systems make life simpler – in cities just as much as on long trips.

The All-new Espace is 32 mm lower and 215 kg lighter than its predecessor because of the CMF-CD platform that it shares with the All-New Renault Austral. A complete hybrid E-Tech engine that is lighter than the previous generation of diesel engines, as well as more lightweight running gear and seats, account for most of this significant weight reduction, accomplished by the limited dimensions while maintaining habitability.

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Along with this technological accomplishment, the All-New Espace's aerodynamics have been improved by simplifying the design of the new mirrors, a falling roofline that ends in a spoiler, and vents in the rear bumper to reduce drag. An E-Tech full hybrid engine with 200 horsepower and a fuel consumption of 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres (WLTP combined cycle) powers the All-New Espace. With a range of up to 1,100 km, cross-country travel is hassle-free!

Only 104 grams of CO2 are released per kilometre by the All-New Espace's lighter form, making it 35% more fuel-efficient than its predecessor. This is a significant advance for sustainable transportation. The All-New Espace is among the finest in its sector in terms of range and CO2 emissions. It has received a remission from the environmental penalty in France due to its excellent performance.

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Exterior styling: a new family SUV status symbol

To maintain its attraction, Espace has always changed. And the All-New Espace has done it as well. The All-New Espace, available in three grades, has an athletic spirit thanks to its vertical grille, sculpted bonnet, sloping roofline, and rear spoiler, to name a few highlights. The All-new Espace has an overtly SUV appearance thanks to the 18-centimetre-centimetre clearance and 19- or 20-inch wheels, depending on the variant. From all sides, it is graceful, strong, and colourful.

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The Iconic and Techno trims include a grille formed of vertical bars, and the bumper blade completes the All-New Espace's status-symbol look. The Esprit Alpine model had a checkerboard design that alluded to its motorsports-inspired edge. Perfect chiselling can be seen on the sides. Strong structure-defining lines mix with large cambers at the top. With wider wheel arches and a lower belt for protection, the bottom section has all the characteristics of an SUV and is coated in high gloss black for extra beauty.

The long rear overhang and vertical boot windshield highlight the interior's spaciousness. The spoiler at the end of the roof, the lateral vents, and the two thin chrome stripes on the bumper give the rear a subtle vibrancy.

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Thanks to the headlamps, the All-New Espace has a unique signature and high-tech appearance. The SUV's presence is increased by the lights at the rear that reach the logo. Utilizing micro-optics technology, the 3D holographic illusion is very exact. It gives the automobile a more lively appearance and nearly brings out its outstanding personality.

The three offered trims come with very different accessories, amenities, and interior and exterior airs. They all impress you in their unique ways and have quite diverse approaches.

The bodywork's colour matches the paint on the front blade of the Techno trim. The roof bars are satin-smooth aluminium, while the window rims are chrome-plated. The couch cloth is 100% recycled, and the wheels have a diameter of 19 inches. The grille, window rims, front blade, and roof bars are all black on the Iconic trim. The wheels are 20 inches in diameter. The dashboard has an ash wood inlay, and the upholstery is a light Sand Grey.

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The 20-inch diamond-cut black aluminium Daytona wheels and checkered grille give the all-new Espace Esprit Alpine a dynamic appearance. The emblems on the front and back, roof bars, and window rims are all dark. Satin grey is the colour of the front bumper, horizontal strip, and blade. Only this trim is offered with the satin Shale Grey bodywork.

Inside, Esprit Alpine stands apart from the competition. The Alpine logo is imprinted on the door sills, and the A-and-arrow logo is shown on the headrests. Alcantara covers the centre console, door panels, dashboard, and seats. The cover stitching is Alpine blue. Nappa leather and Alcantara are stitched in blue, white, and red on the steering wheel. The margins of the black seatbelts are blue. Pedal tops are made of aluminium.

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Driving And The Powertrain: Endless Joy

The range and CO2 emissions of the All-New Espace are among the finest in their class. Driving enjoyment is hearty thanks to the 200 hp E-Tech full hybrid petrol engine's performance, which is even more impressive on models with the most advanced MULTI-SENSE and 4CONTROL Advanced systems.

The All-New Espace's 200 hp E-Tech full hybrid petrol engine boasts the greatest performance-to-consumption ratio available. It includes a three-cylinder, 1.2-litre, turbocharged gasoline engine with 130 hp (96 kW) of torque and two electric motors: the primary unit, which has 50 kW, 70 hp, and 205 Nm of torque and is powered by a 2 kWh/400 Vlithium-ion battery, and the secondary high-voltage starter generator, which has 25 hp and 50 Nm of torque and is used to start the IC engine and change gears.

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You can operate this E-Tech full hybrid engine in electric mode 80% of the time in cities and save fuel consumption by up to 40% thanks to its fully electric ignition and regeneration system, which switches on automatically as soon as you slow down or a brake.

All the benefits of driving an EV are available without the inconvenience of stopping to charge it. The engine and motors charge the battery as instructed by the clever transmission using the automated management system. The driver may also participate freely using the steering-wheel paddles to choose between the four regenerative braking modes.

The digital dashboard shows the energy flows in the hybrid powertrain with special animations to keep the driver fully informed. The battery gauge shows the quantity of electricity that is readily accessible. The energy regeneration flows light up as soon as the driver eases off on the accelerator or applies the brake. The OpenR Link multimedia system shows the energy driving the cars (electric, mechanical, or hybrid) and the flow direction. The predictive hybrid driving function makes the most efficient use of electricity while travelling. The battery management system receives sophisticated information from connected map data, such as the terrain of the road over the next seven kilometres (the most probable path if no destination is specified), to ensure that electric motor energy is used as much as feasible. Bar charts displaying the fuel used and the ground covered when in full-electric mode are offered as driving feedback.

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Several-mode hybrid

The architecture of E-Tech complete hybrid powertrains is "series-parallel". The automated multimode gearbox in the All-New Espace combines two gears for the electric motor and four for the internal combustion engine. It is inspired by Formula 1.

The 15 possible combinations maximize CO2 reduction, driving enjoyment, and consumption. The outcome is unmatched price performance.

From among the following, the clever multimode automatic gearbox chooses the optimal choice for the ETech full hybrid powertrain:

  • E-drive (the electric motor spins the wheels while the IC engine charges the battery)
  • Full electric (just the electric motor drives the wheels)
  • Dynamic hybrid (the IC engine and electric motor work together to turn the wheels)
  • IC (where just the IC engine is engaged, powering the wheels and/or the battery)
  • Regeneration (where the wheels power the electric motor, which in turn charges the battery) is the two modes of operation.
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The All-New Espace is Renault's most extended vehicle. Thus, 4CONTROL Advanced is necessary to improve maneuverability, agility, and dynamism. This innovation's multi-link rear axle and four-wheel steering capabilities, standard on the Iconic and Esprit Alpine trims, improve driving enjoyment, safety, and turning radius. Because of the improved roll control, the car behaves in a way that is comforting and quick while turning or changing lanes.

On bumpy, uneven roads and other terrain, 4CONTROL adjusts the position of the rear wheels for maximum performance. An actuator very slightly (up to 1 degree) moves the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels at high speeds or while turning at over 50 km/h to give unparalleled stability. Its unmatched agility in cities is made possible at lower speeds by turning the rear wheels to 5 degrees in the opposite direction.

Curb-to-curb turning distance is reduced from 11.6 meters when directing two wheels to 10.4 meters with 4CONTROL Advanced thanks to the greater angle (compared to 3.5 degrees in earlier versions).

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Driver Assistance For Relaxed Trips

High-end passive and active safety systems on the All-New Espace provide unmatched levels of protection for anyone within and around it. It contains 32 advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs) divided into three categories: driving, parking, and safety.

The Iconic and Esprit Alpine trim levels come standard with Active Driver Assist. In it, the Highway and Traffic Assistant, which has been a feature of Renault vehicles for a while, now considers the surroundings and is usable outside of expressways (it gives the driver a general overview of objects on all kinds of roads). This level-2 autonomous driving system combines adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, Lane Centering Assist, geolocation information, and particular maps to enable the vehicle to adapt to the route's layout.

Active Driver Assist includes traffic-sign recognition and over-speed prevention (TSR/OSP). However, these features may also be employed independently. The dashboard and navigation screen both show the posted speed limit. A visual warning shows if the car exceeds the speed restriction the system has determined. By pressing a button on the steering wheel, the driver may activate the speed limiter, cruise control, or adaptive cruise control, which will automatically adjust the car's speed to the limit or the vehicle in front of it.

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A vast (9.3 inch) head-up display is an option for the brand-new Espace. The projection of the vehicle's speed, active driver aid systems, overspeed warnings, and navigational instructions directly onto the windshield ensures that the driver always has access to all relevant information without taking their eyes off the road.

The 360° around view camera (Around View Monitor, AVM) is linked to four cameras and shows 3D computer-generated imagery of the All-New Espace and its surroundings. The driver may maneuver confidently while easily identifying any impediments in a 360-degree radius and utilizing the touchscreen to zoom in on any particular region thanks to the panoramic or bird's eye view of the area.

Then, the Active Driver Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control may incorporate a "realistic" display on the dashboard. These two innovations provide drivers with a sharper image of their surroundings in any situation. The All-new Espace's location concerning other objects is shown in this image, which is a real-time computer-generated model of the lane the vehicle is in.

Depending on the version, the All-New Espace's headlights are fitted with LED Adaptive Vision for the low beam and LED Matrix Vision for the high beam, optimising illumination performance under all conditions. This enhances the All-New Espace's driver's view without impairing the driver's vision of nearby drivers of other cars.

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A unique onboard experience with connectivity and multimedia

New levels of comfort and convenience are reached thanks to the All-New Espace's cutting-edge technology and connection. Interactive experiences are made easy, logical, and enjoyable via OpenR Link, its multimedia technology. Renault is also continuously expanding its selection of premium interactive content and services.

Awash in modern technology, the All-New Espace is state-of-the-art. Depending on the nation, its dashboard may have an L-shaped OpenR screen made up of two adjacent tiles: a horizontal 321 sq. cm, 12.3 inch TFT display on the dashboard (1920 x 720 pixels, landscape format), and a 453 sq. cm, 12-inch vertical touchscreen in the middle of the console (1250 x 1562 pixels, portrait format).

The 9.3-inch head-up display is only one of the over 1,000 sq. cm., or about three touchpads, that the All-New Espace uses to show information. Thanks to these premium features at the top of the market, the OpenR Link multimedia system's full potential is available to you.

There will never be a wait to charge a phone again thanks to each row's two USB-C docks, one wireless charger, and two 12V plugs (one for passengers and the other in the trunk).

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The All-New Espace offers a wide range of entertaining and social activities to liven up the passenger area. The MULTI-SENSE options include a choice of four perspectives, five widgets, and eight backdrop colours for the dial screen, all accessible through the touchscreen and a shortcut button on the steering wheel. Another option is the "Living Lights" (ambient lighting) setting, which spans the LED strip on the dashboard and door panels and comprises 48 colours.

The illumination has an automated mode that changes every 30 minutes to match your circadian rhythm and the time of day (with chilly colours in the morning and warm ones at night) for a calming experience.

The All-New Espace is loaded with contemporary conveniences, entertainment, and welcoming touches. The five sound-surround experiences it offers are Studio, Concert, Immersion, Lounge, and Club, depending on the version. The 12-speaker Harman Kardon audio system (one front centre speaker, two tweeters, two woofers, two surround speakers, and a subwoofer in the back) produces excellent sound.

With the help of the scalable OpenR Link multimedia with Google's built-in, the All-New Espace dissolves the boundaries between the digital worlds outside and within the cockpit. OpenR Link with Google built-in puts Google services and applications at your fingertips, much like a smartphone, including Google Maps, Google Assistant, and up to 39 items (depending on the country).

When connected this way, you may keep current without visiting a service centre or a dealer since the operating system employs FOTA (firmware over the air) technology to update itself automatically and enable preventive maintenance.

OpenR Link makes daily living in the car as simple and comfortable as a smartphone since it is intuitive, easy to use, and hyperconnected. The interface is entirely customizable and works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay-enabled devices, which may be connected with or without a wire. Renault is expanding its selection of unique linked services, particularly via collaborations with content producers and developers. It is built on the My Renault app, which offers a cutting-edge augmented experience.

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The OpenR Link multimedia system now offers ten different content packs created exclusively for Renault customers: Waze, Amazon Music, L'Equipe for Renault, Vivaldi, Radio Player for Renault, Kabriol, Karacal, Les Incollables® for Renault, Easypark, and Sybel. To access a library of materials (based on country) accessible on the All-New Espace, special offers, and download apps to OpenR Link, use the My Renault app on a smartphone.

The special SongPop for Renault app will premiere on the brand-new Espace. Travellers may play a collaborative music quiz game on their smartphones with this free software. With the Harman Kardon hi-fi system, this material provides an immersive experience perfect for family vacations. Renault created it in collaboration with Gameloft, the publisher of video games for the Vivendi Group.

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