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New DS 3: Refining The Art Of Detailing

New DS 3 stands out from the competitors because of its improved, dynamic front, reorganized and appealing range, new technology, and new electric motor/battery coupling for its 100% electric version.

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New face, polished rear, and distinctive colors have a seductive power

New DS 3's distinctive form demonstrates its audacity. A balance between lines and volume can be seen in its design. The front has the most noticeable developments. They preserve the pinnacle of grace while adding additional energy and a sense of firmness.

The new grille is broader and accentuated with gloss black or chromed diamond points, depending on the model, applying the design language of the rest of the DS Automobiles lineup. The headlights and grille have been tastefully joined by adjusting the distinctive DS WINGS.

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With three feature modules highlighted in satin chrome, the new LED headlamps—standard across the board—introduce a more dynamic design and offer the New DS 3 a sharper appearance. As an alternative, the DS MATRIX LED VISION has intelligent control and an automated main beam for optimal comfort and safety. Furthermore, in keeping with the most recent DS Automobiles design language, the new daytime running lights have two vertical LED lines on each side of the front for a unique and broadening identity.

Both artistically and technically, New DS 3 has advanced. The new spoiler and grille have been completely reworked for the automobile to operate as aerodynamically as possible. This enhanced efficiency is shown by the aerofoils that surround the lower air intake grille.

With the addition of a Clous de Paris embossed inlay and a range of colors depending on the model, the emblems' finish on the grille and bonnet also demonstrates attention to detail.

With the recognizable DS 3 shark fin, flush-fitting door handles, and undetectable external window seals, the profile retains its distinguishing trademarks while balancing adventurous design and technological skill.

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A lacquered black strip in the sleek rear has beautifully highlighted the tailgate and lights. The polished stainless steel letters that spell out "DS AUTOMOBILES" are separated and individually fitted into the trim through a particular technique.

For greater efficiency, the wheels have an entirely new design. They are grouped by themes and colors and offered in 17 and 18-inch sizes. In addition, the New DS 3 is offered with new 18-inch TOULOUSE wheels fitted with "Tall & Narrow Class A+" tires in the 100% electric E-TENSE variant.

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Seven body colors, including two new iridescent hues, Diva Red, a three-layer color unique to the New DS 3, and Lacquered Grey, are available for the New DS 3. These colors are opaque, metallic, and pearlescent. The remaining colors are Polar White, Perla Nera Black, Platinum Grey, Artense Grey, and Crystal Pearl, with the possibility to create bi-toned combinations using either the Perla Black or the brand-new Carat Grey roof.

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An interior design influenced by the most renowned French luxury brands

The DS Automobiles team presents excellent competence duplicated in each of its products, driven by a distinctive design model. In addition, the new DS 3 is inspired by French luxury know-how to create a unique atmosphere.

The materials are selected to provide an exceptional, innovative, and sustainable finish.

The leathers show the distinctiveness of DS Automobiles cockpits, notably the Nappa Leather upholstery with the aged Art Leather standard, Alcantara®, and features like the "pearl" stitching or Clous de Paris embossed inlays. This focus on detail, deeply ingrained in the Brand's DNA, is evident in the New DS 3 and serves as a key differentiator.

Adopting a redesigned steering wheel, regrouping controls for driver assistance and infotainment buttons, and combining shifting paddles for automatic transmissions have modified the driving posture. In addition, the new DS IRIS SYSTEM infotainment system now has a 10.3-inch high-definition center screen.

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The seats in the new DS 3 have beautiful and healthy design and technology. These figure-hugging chairs include cutting-edge high-density foam covering for industry-leading sitting comfort. In addition, the front seats may recline, forward and backward, and include lumbar and electric massage settings.

OPÉRA offers a Basalt Black Nappa Leather interior with watchstrap seats at the top for immersion in creative luxury tinted with character and contemporary.

New Basalt Black grained leather seats with scale-effect Basalt Black trim are available on the RIVOLI level. There is also a mixed Nappa Leather/cloth upholstery in Pebble Grey.

Alcantara® is used to adorn the seats, dashboard strips, and door panels of the PERFORMANCE Line and PERFORMANCE Line Plus trim levels. Additional features include a center armrest, mats, and lights for the sun visors and footwells at the PERFORMANCE Line Plus level.

New Silicium Grey Peruzzi Cloth seats have been added to the BASTILLE level, along with scale-effect grain stripes on the dashboard and door panels. In addition, fresh Basalt Black grained leather seats are an option.

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A variety of hybrid drivetrains, with the new E-TENSE model being the top 100% electric vehicle

Since 2020, DS Automobiles has offered the New DS 3 with three distinct powertrain options: electric, gasoline, and diesel. As a result, DS Automobiles is the multi-energy brand with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe.

With two Formula E Teams' and Drivers' Championships, as well as the record for the most victories, pole positions, and podiums with the second-generation single-seater, DS Automobiles is using its strong success in the championship to launch innovative electric technology.

With the addition of a brand-new electric motor (made in Trémery-Metz), a reduction gear (manufactured in Valenciennes), and a new battery (built-in Poissy), the new DS 3 E-TENSE has increased efficiency and range.

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The newly developed electric hybrid synchronous motor (HSM) exhibits remarkable efficiency thanks to the knowledge gained in Formula E. At 400 volts, it has 260 Nm of torque and 115 kW (156 horsepower). In addition, a heat pump and temperature regulation via liquid circulation are features of the new 54 kWh battery (51 kWh of which are useable), which allows for quick charging, improved range, and a longer lifetime. The onboard charger typically requires 100 kW of direct current (10 to 80% in 30 minutes) and 11 kW of alternating current (0-100% in 5 hours 45 minutes).

An optimization was made to the architecture. The battery is placed under the front, back, and center tunnels and is very small and dispersed with enhanced energy density. The drivetrain's use and posture are equal to conventional drivetrains, and its impact resistance surpasses all standards.

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Due to the efficiency of the electric motor, its capacity to recover energy, auxiliary equipment like the heat pump, thermal pre-conditioning, and the new LED headlamps, as well as aerodynamic optimization at the front and wheels and lowering ground clearance by 10 mm on models with Tall & Narrow 17 and 18-inch wheels, the New DS 3 E-TENSE manages to travel up to 404 kilometers on the WLTP combined cycle and more than 500 kilometers in urban conditions, making it unique in its segment. Furthermore, an increase of up to 7.6% on the SCx is possible when all these variables are combined.

The PureTech 100 and PureTech 130 petrol drivetrains for the new DS 3 are available, with a 6-speed manual and an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Additionally, an 8-speed automatic Diesel BlueHDi 130 is available. These engines comply with the newest anti-pollution regulations in these three configurations.

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Technology-rich interior

The new DS 3 has a new infotainment system that can be accessed via a large 10.3-inch high-definition center screen with an updated gloss black surround. DS IRIS System provides sophisticated speech recognition and connected navigation. The user's flexibility to customize the main display and the 7-inch instrument panel, which includes a head-up display that shows essential information directly in front of the driver's line of sight, makes this system stand out. The core screen is divided into 12 sections, each of which may hold a widget of a different size. The instruments themselves are divided into two separate, individually programmable pieces. The functions may be managed simultaneously using a sophisticated speech recognition system or touch controls on the center pad. The function set-up has been updated to enhance ergonomics and includes DS IRIS SYSTEM characteristics. Now, wifi access to the mirroring function is possible.

VISIO PARK 2, seen on the huge central screen, adds parking assistance with 360° vision simulated by new high-quality digital cameras to the spectrum of driving aids offered on the New DS 3.

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The New DS 3 comes with a camera mounted at the top of the windshield as standard equipment, as well as high-level driver assistance features, including Lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition with information displayed on the instrument panel, and Active Safety Brake.

DS DRIVE ASSIST combines adaptive cruise control with the Stop and Go feature and lane-keeping assist to provide level 2 semi-autonomous driving by monitoring its surroundings using radar installed under the front bumper and extra sensors. DS DRIVE ASSIST maneuvers the vehicle where the driver desires using road markers. This function manages frequent stopping and resuming while smoothly maintaining its course. In addition, the Active Safety Brake system is connected to it. This automated emergency braking analyzes the chances of a collision and may apply maximum braking power to prevent a collision or minimize its effects. It can recognize other cars, bikes, and pedestrians, even in low light, between 5 and 140 km/h.

Extended Traffic Sign Recognition is an optional feature that identifies certain traffic signs (stop signs, one-way streets, no entrance, and the end of overtaking restrictions) in addition to speed limit signs.

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The fresh DS 3 has a fresh visage and is equipped with LED headlights. This new design is striking because of its three horizontally aligned rectangular components and exquisite satin finish. To increase range (E-TENSE 100% electric) or minimize CO2 emissions (internal combustion engines), lighting performance is improved while energy consumption is decreased.

As an alternative, there is DS MATRIX LED VISION. This configuration generates a light beam that automatically adjusts to its settings, allowing for prolonged "main beam" mode usage without blinding other drivers. DS MATRIX LED VISION uses a unit divided into 15 segments and three LED modules with the "dipped beam" feature for each headlamp. The driving circumstances sensed by a camera at the top of the windshield determine how gradually and segment by segment, the LEDs in this device turn on and off. As a result, DS MATRIX LED VISION illuminates a vast area without ever blinding the car in front of it or moving in the other direction. Particularly at night, with substantial comfort and safety benefits.

Flush-fitting door knobs are a feature of the new DS 3. Through the use of this unique technology, the shape's avant-garde flair, aerodynamic efficiency, and design purity may all be preserved. While not in use, the door handles fold into the side of the vehicle and are concealed while the vehicle is moving or stopped. Additionally, thanks to its hands-free entry and starting mechanism (PROXIMITY KEYLESS ENTRY & START), you only need to get close to the vehicle (within 1.5 meters) for its four handles to unfold on their own. Then, they fold in, and the vehicle locks as they leave.

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For the whole New DS 3 line, new linked services

These services let you monitor the battery's range and state of charge and manage to charge for the New DS 3 E-TENSE thanks to the MyDS app. The thermal pre-conditioning may also be programmed and controlled. A Send2Nav module is also included in the MyDS app, allowing you to search for a location and transmit the results directly to the infotainment system of the New DS 3. A trip planner function is introduced to prepare for driving entirely on electricity, with charging stations highlighted. The app offers driving-related data such as energy usage, travel duration, distance, and history.

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A reduced range

The New DS 3 series builds on the idea introduced by the New DS 7. The most exclusive specification is the new OPERA one. Redesigned equipment levels make it possible to ascend the range more easily. To make it simpler for customers to grasp, the number of choices has been decreased by re-equipping or the development of option packs—prices for brand-new DS 3 models with the PureTech 100 Manual in BASTILLE standard start at 30,100 euros.

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