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The new Toyota Corolla: Improves performance, driving appeal, aesthetics, and technology

The New Corolla is more evidence of Toyota's capacity to change. Changes to the engine and electronics are less evident than the refreshed look and interior of the 12th-generation Corolla.

The New Corolla has received several updates for the European market, including a redesign, the debut of Toyota's fifth-generation hybrid electric technology, an enhanced digital user experience, and an expanded suite of Toyota T-Mate safety and assistance features. It's the second best-selling Toyota vehicle in Europe and has the largest market share in the company's history there.

The Corolla Cross SUV will enter the lineup in the second part of the year. With hatchback, Touring Sports, and sedan models available, "a Corolla for all" is possible. This variety of options guarantees that all of Europe's leading body styles are covered, with each market receiving the same high-quality design and cutting-edge technology.

The fact that the Corolla is the only model lineup of its sort to provide full hybrid electric power gives it a leg up on the competition since this technology offers the kind of fuel economy and zero-emission driving capabilities that are rapidly rising to the top of buyers' wish lists.

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Fresh Unique Look

Each Corolla body style has its distinct appearance and charm. The new range has a cleaner, more contemporary style thanks to updates to the mesh pattern of the front grille, the fog light bezels, and the alloy wheel designs.

Higher-grade hatchback and Touring Sports versions have new bi-LED headlights, with an Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) on the High variant.

Image credit: © Toyota Motor Europe
Image credit: © Toyota Motor Europe Image credit: © Toyota Motor Europe Image credit: © Toyota Motor Europe Image credit: © Toyota Motor Europe

Contemporary trends inspired three new exterior colours in architecture, product design, and fashion. With its bright, flaring tone, Juniper Blue is the new primary colour for hatchbacks and Touring Sports. Close inspection shows red undertones, which offer a new look with slight colour variations. Midnight Teal is a fresh green paint for the sedan that exhibits a remarkable shade effect when seen from the appropriate angle. Metallic Grey is a classic tone with broad appeal, accented by dark silver flakes in the paint. It is available for all body types.

With new graphics, trimmings, and embossed patterns that lend three-dimensional depth and tactile appeal to the upholsteries, surfaces, and finishes, the atmosphere is more contemporary and premium for the interior. To give the interior a modern, sophisticated atmosphere, the trim and seat upholstery options adhere to new Dark and Light Harmony (depending on body type) themes with coordinated colours and finishes.

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Toyota's fifth generation of hybrid electric vehicles

The fifth generation of Toyota's industry-leading self-charging, full hybrid electric technology is included in the New Corolla.

The 1.8 and 2.0-litre hybrid systems are available, much like the current model. Both vehicles gain from substantial modifications to their electric motor and engine that increase performance and drivability, add power, and produce the same amount of CO2 or less, depending on the powertrain. The lithium-ion battery is more powerful but smaller and lighter (mass lowered by 18 kg, depending on the powertrain), and the power control unit (PCU) and transaxle motor have been modified.

The 1.8-litre engine generates 140 horsepower in total, which reduces the time it takes to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h to 9.2 seconds. Despite this performance improvement, CO2 emissions are anticipated to stay at 102 g/km. Total power for the 2.0-litre engine has increased to 196 DIN hp, and the time from zero to one hundred kilometres per hour has decreased by nearly half a second to 7.5 seconds. The combined cycle CO2 figure is predicted to decrease by 3 g/km to 107 g/km.

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Enhanced driving comfort and acceleration sensation

Additional measures have been taken to provide the driver with pleasant and natural acceleration. Before, the emphasis was on linear acceleration; today, the hybrid control has been re-calibrated to create acceleration that more closely reflects the driver's purpose and usage of the throttle pedal, resulting in the proper G-sensation and an intuitive feel. This was accomplished by lowering the engine speed during acceleration. There has also been a reduction in engine noise while accelerating.

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User experience

The New Corolla takes use of Toyota's cutting-edge digital and multimedia capabilities, making for a more pleasurable driving experience and allowing for easy over-the-air updates of new features and upgrades in the future.

The 10.5-inch multimedia display is more extensive and has high-quality graphics and an anti-glare screen, offering good visibility in all lighting circumstances. Starting with the Mid-grade, the driver's instrument display has also metamorphosed thanks to a new 12.3-inch combi meter customized to the driver's preferences in four distinct modes: Casual, Smart, Sport, and Tough.

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According to the model grade, cars include a four-year subscription to Toyota Smart Connect or Toyota Smart Connect+, which provides "always on" cloud navigation and real-time traffic and travel information.

The driver may utilize a new onboard voice assistant that recognizes natural, conversational requests to control entertainment or vehicle operations like opening or shutting windows.

The MyT app also offers a range of remote services that enable users to find their vehicle, activate the danger lights, lock or unlock their car, and adjust the temperature before a trip.

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Driver assistance and improved safety

The New Corolla has Toyota T-Mate, which combines the most recent version of the Toyota Safety Sense package with additional active driving and parking assistance systems. These technologies make driving simpler and safer and contribute to the safety of all the car's passengers and other road users.

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Acceleration Suppression, which responds to sudden acceleration when travelling at a low speed; collision avoidance support when making a turn at an intersection; Emergency Steering Assist, which can now react to oncoming vehicles; lateral collision avoidance; and curve speed reduction are just a few of the systems that have seen improvements in their operation and functionality. Over-the-air software upgrades will maintain the current features and allow for the addition of new ones as they become available over the course of the vehicle's life.

A system for safe exit assistance is one of Toyota T-Mate's features. If it notices a door opening into the path of a car or bike coming up from behind, it will sound an alarm. Another new feature is the Rear Seat Reminder, which warns the driver before they leave the vehicle that they may need to check the rear seats in case they left something behind.

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Corolla GR Sports

The GR SPORT grade has been quite effective since it was introduced in 2020, giving the Corolla a sportier character and broadening its appeal, particularly in luring new buyers to the Toyota brand. So far, more than 20,000 have been sold.

The GR SPORT, which TOYOTA GAZOO RACING inspired, has a commanding appearance that highlights the Corolla's crisp, dynamic style with distinctive external and interior design components.

Fresh design, 18-inch machined alloy wheels, a fresh-look rear bumper, and an updated under guard are all features of the new Corolla GR SPORT. With the GR emblem etched in the headrest and a new micro-hexagon pattern in the silver ribbons around the border of the bolster and cushion, the seats in the hatchback and Touring Sports models have a modern finish. The push-button starter has the GR logo applied to it as well.

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Images credit: © Toyota Motor Europe